Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The new Facebook algorithm! What will happen in the future with any photos published on the social network…

Facebook has created an algorithm that can recognize human faces from several photos published in this social network. DeepFace can identify any person with an accuracy of 97.24%, the same as a human.

The technology used is the algorithm for DeepFace is the one Facebook bought last year with the acquisition of Israeli

The program first performs a 3D model of the face of a person from a picture. This way the picture can be rotated to get into the best position to be recognized then using the algorithm.

The database in which the person is searched now contains over 4 million images, including over 13,000 human faces that are downloaded from the Internet.

Using this technology Facebook will find out who are the real friends of a user.

"They could identify anyone who appears in your photos posted on Facebook" said Christopher Kanan, of the California Institute of Technology.

Details of this algorithm will be presented in June at the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference, which will take place in Columbus, Ohio.

Source: Daily Mail

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